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Step 1 - Assessment
A full day in-dealership assessment is provided to determine present processes and necessary changes for proper installation of a Business Development Center. A Precision Trainer uses a four page Assessment Document as a mirror for all sales and service processes, people, and profits. Each BDC is customized to a particular clients people, culture, and specific needs and goals. A detailed proposal and game plan are provided within 24 hours following the assessment. This is the blueprint for how the BDC will be installed and properly maintained. Timelines will be provided so the client is fully aware of how the BDC will become fully functional. Once goals and the game plan are determined, both parties are ready to consider step two.
Step 2 - Logistics
Headcount: How many people are needed to run an effective BDC? Will the client be rotating salespeople or using phone specialists? Who will manage the BDC?

Facility: Find the necessary space and get it prepared to be a BDC. How many work stations will there be? Will the manager have an office? Will each workstation have a desk, telephone and computer?

Technologies: Is your CRM installed? Are the different technologies being utilized and are they integrated (CRM, the DMS, and Telephony capabilities). These systems can be customized to route calls faster and improve many other dealership efficiencies.

Budget: Preparing a budget is critical to the departments success. Our commitment is to enable you to maximize your return on your investment. The BDC budget should include costs for software, hardware, payroll etc.

Prepare Your People: It is imperative that all employees have a good understanding of what this initiative is about. A dealership wide Pre-Launch meeting will be scheduled to ensure that each employee is aware of this new department and their own role in helping to make it a success.

Assemble the Team: We can help in the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of a strong BDC Team if needed. If a dealership will be utilizing current personnel, we will provide guidelines to determine the best candidates.
Step 3 - Launch With a Game Plan
The key to a well run BDC is not trying to solve the entire worlds problems in the first month. Slow and steady growth is a symbol of a well run department. A fully functioning BDC can handle 16 or more sales and service processes. A new BDC needs to master 3 processes before taking on 3 more. Executing a game plan with timelines as a guide is critical to the departments ongoing success. Precision Trainers provide classroom instruction on how to maximize each call and also work one on one with each BDC rep taking live calls.
Step 4 - Monthly Maintenance
A Precision Trainer will spend a predetermined number of day(s) in the BDC each month as part of a maintenance program. The trainers job is to train any new people added to the BDC staff, keep the current staff focused and enthused, and introduce new call processes and word tracks each month. The trainer also focuses on the Manager of the BDC and the level of involvement from Sales Managers and Service Managers. Some dealerships need fewer days each month than others. Each BDC proposal is customized to meet a dealerships specific needs.
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