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Thomas F. O'Connor
President, Precision Training, Inc

A native Buffalonian, Tom O'Connor moved to Chicago to earn a degree in English Literature. After graduating, he soon realized that writing The All-American Novel would take longer than expected and he would need to find some other means of support. Luckily, he landed with a nationally recognized firm in the automobile industry and was able to travel the country and meet with dealers, managers, and salespeople and learn not only what made many of them successful, but also what they needed and desired to help get them to the next level.

After years of living on the road, he figured it would be prudent to know what life was like in the trenches. He sold new and pre-driven vehicles at a progressive dealership outside Chicago and worked his way up until a phone training company recruited him. While there, Tom assisted dealership personnel in implementing processes for both sales and service that would ensure solid trade cycle management. This was done by increasing quality in-store traffic through appointment setting and automated tracking. He was improving dealership efficiencies by implementing business development processes before most automotive retailers had even heard the term. Mr. O'Connor worked closely with twenty three dealerships over three years in this capacity.

After marrying and starting a family, a high volume dealership outside Chicago made him an offer he could not refuse: great pay, great hours, and the chance to run, at the time, the largest Business Development Center in the Midwest. Traver Technologies recognized him as the top ranked BDM in the nation in 1997.

He then spent two years as a successful desk manager in the same dealership before seeking a new challenge: bringing these skills to other dealers so their sales and management teams could benefit too. As President of Precision Training, Inc. Mr. O'Connor is again working with top dealers nationwide. His firm provides dealerships assistance in phone training and certification, process improvement, Sales and Management training, and Business Development Solutions. Tom has carefully recruited retail experts who fully understand dealership operations and know how to get things done.

This expertise has helped Mr. O'Connor become a sales subject matter expert for Performance Consulting, a corporate initiative at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. As an external consultant, Tom travels with Harleys top experts, improving dealers people, processes, and profits by implementing business development solutions. His success with Performance Consulting earned him a facilitator position with Harley-Davidson University. He has taught Management and Selling Skills courses nationally for HDU. His word tracks for handling customer objections are considered by many to be the most effective in the retail industry.

The majority of his time, though, is spent in the trenches at automotive dealerships. Tom and other members of the Precision team can often be found working on the sales floor or in Business Development Centers, helping staffers more effectively utilize their telephony and CRM systems to maximize their opportunities. The Precision Team has the confidence to lead by example by taking inbound calls, making outbound calls and working closely with BDC personnel during the day. In the evening, the trainers will head to the sales floor or service lane to continue earning their stripes. This credibility enables the classroom training to have an even bigger impact on dealership personnel and strengthen synergies between Sales, Service, and BDC Departments. This understanding of dealership operations and the desire to work bell-to-bell, further differentiates the Precision Team from the competition.

His keynote speeches for Dealer 20 Groups, high impact workshops, and his ability to effectively communicate with today's consumers in the BDC, on the sales floor and in service - has enabled Tom to work with some of the most progressive dealers in the industry. Mercedes-Benz has recognized his firm as an approved vendor to assist their dealer body with their Business Development Initiative.

For more information on how Toms team can assist you in implementing a world class BDC, you may contact Mr. O'Connor at
630-212-6925 or on the web at

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