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BDC Implementation
The 4 Steps to Success - Assessment, Logistics, Launch With a Game Plan and Monthly Maintenance.
Non BDC Phone Training
There are three modules: handling incoming sales calls, unsold floor up follow up, and owner base retention. Each salesperson and manager should attend one half day class for three consecutive days. Results will be immediate.
Road to the Sale Training
The basics haven't changed but the communication process has changed dramatically over the past ten years. How and what we say to customers affects our volume, profits, and customer satisfaction. The Road to the Sale training is the basics to automotive selling but updated for today's consumer. This training prepares a sales staff to be successful and confident with customers. It provides them current word tracks to be more effective at everything from the Meet and Greet to Closing and Delivery. This ongoing instruction (monthly or quarterly) gets everyone Back to Basics and creates a consistent and remarkable experience for every customer.
Subject Matter Outline
The Professional Attitude How to Think Like a Pro
Time Management How To Prioritize Your Day
and Get More Done!
Meet and Greet How to Develop Professional Reflexes
at Point of Contact
Interview Asking the Right Questions
Selection & Walk Around Building Value So They Pay More!
Test Drive & Trial Close The Top Pros Do It Every time
Service Walk Another Way to Build Value
(Who decided it was no longer important?)
Professional Presentation of Figures The Old Way
Just Wont Work Anymore
Negotiations Simple Techniques To Build Gross,
Maintain Credibility, Keep Consistent
Closing How Many Bullets Do Your People Have
(One more than the customer?)
Delivery How to Make It Memorable
Management Training
Sales Management is the crucial layer of management in a dealership. Their talent, attitudes, commitment, and capabilities can determine a dealerships success. Great Sales Managers never stop learning. This training will challenge managers to think outside the box and change certain habits in order to grow as people and leaders of a business.
Subject Matter Outline
• Time Management
• Daily Huddles
• Managing the Sales Process
• Sales Manager Responsibilities
• The Four Step Management Process
• The Six Step Hiring Pyramid
• How To Conduct Dynamite Meetings
• How To Train Salespeople
• How To Motivate Your Team
• How To Maximize Your CRM Tool
• How To Maximize Your Telephony Tool
• Improving Desking and Closing Capabilities
• When To Be a Leader When to Be a Manager

CRM and Telephony Maximization
You pay thousands of dollars every month for technology solutions that really aren't solutions at all. They simply show you where the leaks are:
employees are embarrassingly terrible speaking to your
customers on the telephone
salespeople gather half the important customer information
they need to gain sales clarity to sell more vehicles
the Customer Relationship Management System you pay
for every month is only utilized to 15% of its capabilities
management does not have the time, energy, or know
how on how to fix these challenges
Well show your team what to really do with these tools:
what information must be gathered and input into the
CRM to sell more vehicles
what to do with the information not just how to go
from screen to screen
what three reports to run everyday to manage your
how to conduct The Call of the Week meetings and
effectively manage your Telephony system and incoming
call traffic in just 15 minutes per week
This training is designed to help you make sense of all the tools your team already has at their disposal.
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